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What to Buy And Avoid Buying in September

Between last minute back to school and pre-need shopping for autumn holidays, September is the third biggest spending month of the year. Money Examiners is covering what to buy and avoid buying in September.

Buy Previous-Generation iPhones:
Apple offers up their best discounts this month. The tech giant announces the new iPhone and then plays price drop galore on older versions. Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 8…and slashed the price of the iPhone 7, and iPhone 6 by a hundred bucks! This September, expect the same action with iPhone 8 (regular and plus), and X.

Buy Textbooks:
Okay, you may not have much choice here, but there are smart ways of handling this major college expense. Shop online for new and used books, and get the good early September shopping deals. Cut costs even more by sharing a textbook with a friend and making plans to study together. An added bonus? Lasting friendships and relationships have started this way.

Another way to economize on textbooks is by checking for Kindle textbooks. Amazon is knocking 25% off the new Kindle and giving $25 gift cards upon trade-in of an older one.

Buy Airfare:
October and January are usually the best months to find excellent airfare but check for off season fares this month. Last September Money Examiners traveled for about half the price we paid for a mid-summer flight.

Buy Grills:
Smart shoppers know to buy what they need. That’s why, on Dec. 26, stores are filled with people carting around armloads of wrapping paper. This month, Walmart and Home Depot will be practically giving away outdoor cooking gear.

Buy Coffee:
Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day, so expect to get free gratis cups of coffee (iced or hot) at Cinnabon, Tim Hortons, Cumberland Farms, and 7-Eleven. McDonald’s will play along (sort of). Their specialty drinks will be discounted to two bucks. Your best coffee buys, though, may be online. Peet’s knocks 25-30% off some roasts on that day only.

Buy Pizza:
National Pepperoni Pizza Day is Sept. 20! (That makes us excited!) In celebration, we expect cheap greasy goodness from Pizza Hut. They did us right last year. Don’t forget that Domino’s one-upped the Hut and went BONGO last year.

Don’t Line Up for a New iPhone:
We’re begging you up in here! Rumor has it the next iPhone will retail for $1,299! My first car didn’t cost $1,299. Re-read our first suggestion, print it out and take it to bed with you. Your iPhone X…IS…FINE. (So is your iPhone 8.)

Don’t Buy Computers:
This one may be almost as hard to get across as the iPhone one, but here goes. Despite so-called back to school sales this month on computers, hold off for a month. Many more and better deals await in October and don’t get us started on Black Friday just yet.

Don’t Buy Fall Fashion
Avoid that “New Arrivals” display. That’s true of all stores, but particularly clothing stores. Steer clear of the words “fall fashion,” because these styles will see significant discounts in two months and even bigger cuts next spring.

Those are Money Examiners best words of advice for September shopping. We’ll see you back in about a month to do this again for October.