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Master The Art of Traveling with 4 Steps

If you have traveled, you know that it is one of the best ways to explore new places, see parts of your country you haven’t seen before, and see other countries. Traveling gives you the opportunity to not only see the different parts of the world but to interact with the people who live there. […]

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Planning Your First Fall Color Road Trip

Did you know that there is already fall color in the trees up in the northern climes of New England? Autumn is a season that descends gradually on the United States, rather than landing all at once (as summer did this year). This is a blessing because it means you can take as many as […]

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NFL Games That You Can Afford to Attend

The temperatures remain high, but the light looks different. Shorter days herald the end of summer and the beginning of footba… er, fall. Ah, now there we go letting the cat out of the bag. But, who can blame us? The smell of the tailgating, the head rush when the home team scores the winning […]

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81% Not Ready for Retirement

The Golden Years are the time that you finally get to enjoy all of that hard work that you’ve put in during your lifetime. However, an overwhelming majority of 81% of Americans report they’re not financially ready for retirement. The fiscally responsible people that have diligently prepared for retirement by doing all of the necessary […]

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Free Summer Waterfall Viewing Trips

You may have been to Niagara Falls. Goodness knows, it is a Bucket List item for anyone who loves the sight and sound of crashing water on the rocks below. If you have made the trek to Niagara, good for you! Did you know that there are higher falls and wider waterfall destinations that aren’t […]

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Cash in on Travel Rewards Credit Cards

For many people, the idea of travel comes to mind when they see those vacation getaway ads with  couples relaxing by the beach, while their kids play in the sand. It looks great on TV but when it  comes to the reality of piecing together a trip like that the sticker shock often makes one […]

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