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Streaming Devices Killing Cable and Satellite TV

For as long as you can probably remember, cable and satellite have dominated television by providing hundreds of different channels. However, to benefit from all these channels and shows, that used to mean that there was a giant bill that came along with it, which is exactly why streaming devices are killing cable and satellite TV.

Every single month you get a bill from cable and satellite TV providers. The average bill in the U.S. has crept up from $6 in the 1970s to $106 today. But the common complaint is there is usually never anything that you want to watch on TV, and when there is something good, it’s on at least 3 channels at once.

Getting rid of cable and satellite TV has been on the rise. In fact, in the last quarter alone, over 527,000 cable subscribers ended their subscriptions. It is the cable industry’s worst stretch ever, in the history of television.

Over the past year alone, over 80 million customers have signed up for some type of streaming box. These are some pretty impressive numbers when you consider that there are only 48 million cable and satellite subscribers in the U.S. today.

While there are lots of different streaming devices, here are the top 3 that are killing cable and satellite television off, taking the largest market share in the streaming TV business.


Roku Streaming Stick Plus



The Roku Streaming Stick Plus is overall one of the best streamers available and is one of the reasons for satellite and cable TV’s decline. Boasting a simple design, the Roku Streaming Stick Plus was created with the features that you are actually going to want to use.



Delivering HDR and 4K videos at an extremely affordable price, helps this compact package lead the pack when it comes to streaming sticks. The simple to use interface, partnered with the fact that Roku has a much better search capability, as well as the most 4K HDR apps, means that you will be able to enjoy this streaming stick for hours and hours. As if that weren’t enough, the remote can also control the power and volume of your TV.



Compared to some of the other streaming sticks available, the menus may not be as up to date, and there are some apps that have an outdated layout. If you like using voice search and control, the Roku isn’t as good as some of the other streaming sticks.



With a simple design and easy to use interface, Roku makes streaming 4K HDR easy and affordable. If you’re in the market to get a streamer, this is definitely one that you should try.



Apple TV 4K



Offering more capabilities and features then you will ever be able to use, and Dolby Vision capability, Amazon video, with a superb design and performance, the Apple TV 4K is one of the absolute best streamers available if you are able to afford it.



If you have a compatible HDR, Dolby Vision or 4K TV, then Apple TV 4K is one of the best ways to stream video available. Offering one of the best streaming experiences you can have, Siri voice options, and even one of the best remotes available, the slightly higher price is definitely worth it.



The worst thing about the Apple TV 4K is that it is more expensive than other streaming options. It also doesn’t have Dolby Atmos audio as an option, or stream YouTube in 4K. Other, cheaper streaming options such as Roku, have similar capabilities, more 4K apps and offer a comparable image quality.



If you want the absolute best streamer available and can afford the higher price tag, the Apple TV 4K is exactly what you may want.


Amazon Fire TV



The Amazon Fire TV is perfect for just about everyone. However, what really makes it stand apart is the fact that you can link it to your Alexa speaker for a far superior voice control system.



Don’t let this compact package fool you, the Amazon Fire TV offers high-quality HDR and 4K videos at a price that anyone can afford. With one of the best voice features available on the market, when you link up your Echo or Dot, you are now able to go hands-free and use ‘Alexa’ commands to control it. On top of that, this stick also offers a superb collection of games and apps, as well as lighting fast responses.



The main con here is that the user interface doesn’t allow you to customize it in any way. And if you are looking for 4K content, it can be more difficult than other sticks as there are fewer 4K HDR apps.



Amazon Fire TV, while not quite as good as Roku’s 4K, is an excellent choice when partnered with Alexa.