5 Ways To Save Money On Movies And Video Games

5 Ways to Save Money On Movies And Video Games - MoneyExaminers.com

5 Ways To Save Money On Movies And Video Games – Technological advances are making mainstream media more accessible than ever and less costly.

Americans love to read books, play video games, and watch movies. But the truth is, as movie ticket prices go up, fewer people actually bother to leave their house to see them. Especially when Netflix is at home.

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Higher Movie Prices Slow Box Office

Theater box office receipts jumped last year as higher movie prices made up for a decline in movie goers, reaching almost $36 billion worldwide, according to the Motion Picture Association of America. U.S. and Canada ticket sales hit $10.9 billion alone, up 3% from five years ago. The increase is due to a hike in movie prices.

However, movie admissions fell by 20 million for the year, which represents all general admission movie tickets sold across the world.

Ticket receipts to IMAX theater movies reached new record highs, particularly in large metropolitan areas where the highest ticket prices reached $20 a seat. Despite the jump in 3D film releases during the year, higher movie prices also slowed the number of theater goers to the high tech films.

Despite being a slim 1% drop, the decline spelled a surprising change for the industry. Nearly three out of four frequent movie goers tend to own more technology products, including iPhones and computers with an average of at least four different types of technology products compared to 51% of the rest of the adult population.

The movie industry has experienced major changes in recent years. Nearly a decade ago in 2013, only one original film, Gravity, broke into the top 10 grossing films of the year. A decade before that there were three, and over the past 25 years the volume of original films have faded into remakes of old movies with lighter plot lines.

More than two-thirds of the North American population went to the movies at least once during the year, a trend that has been consistent for a number of years.

Movie ticket sales, however, are driven by frequent movie goers who attend movies more than once a month rather than opting to watch more movies at home.

Frequent movie goers made up 11% of the U.S. and Canadian population and 50% of all movie ticket sales.

The drop represented a major decline in frequent movie goers of 7% for the year. The troubled economy, and high unemployment and under-employment in many regions are are blamed for the fall-off. The entire number of movie tickets sold in the U.S. has fallen almost 11% since 2004, indicating a major shift in movie going habits.

It’s hardly been a seismic shift for Hollywood, however, as studios dole out millions of dollars to make giant blockbusters that often return major profits. Movie theater owners want to start selling cheaper tickets at least one day a week and that could be right around the corner at many theaters. Movie theaters owners typically receive about half of the price of a ticket.

5 Ways To Save Money On Movies And Video Games

In the past, this required driving to a theater or paying $50 or more for a video game.  Here are five ways to save money your movies, video games and other media:

1- Borrow books

The local library houses thousands of novels, non-fiction books, and resources for the public to use.

You only need a valid ID and proof of address to get a library card. Then, you can check out several books every month at no cost!

For textbooks, try to buy them used online or split the cost of a new book with a friend. If you want your own textbook to use, look for a website like CampusBookRentals.com where you can rent textbooks at a lower rate than the cost of buying the book.

At the end of the semester or whenever you are done with it, simply ship it back in the pre-paid envelope provided.

2- Watch movies online

Register for a site like Netflix or Hulu Plus so you can watch unlimited movies and television shows for a flat monthly fee. If you are a movie buff, these websites are well worth the cost. They allow you to watch movies for less than $10 per month! This beats the cost of a movie and popcorn at the theater any day. Sign up for a free trial of Netflix or Hulu Plus and you can cancel at any time.

3- Rent movies

Did you know the library offers DVDs and VHS tapes that you can borrow? They are usually free or cost less than $1 to rent. Just use your library card to check them out.

Some libraries have relatively new movies in all genres.

You can find independent films, children movies, documentaries, romantic comedies, and more at your local library.

4- Rent video games

Websites like GameFly enable avid gamers to rent video games for a fixed monthly rate.

Instead of paying up to $100 for one video game, members can play a bunch of games for a fraction of the cost. Users can return games for Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation whenever they are done.

5- Subscribe to a magazine

When you buy a magazine from the stand in a checkout aisle, you are probably paying too much. Why spend $4 or more per issue when you can get an entire year’s worth of magazines for less than $10?

Magazines like Cosmopolitan have offers for a one-year subscription for $5.

Search for magazine subscriptions online for the best deals.

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