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Credit Card Debt at All Time High

Credit card debt has reached an all time high and continues to climb. At the end of 2017, credit card debt amounted to $786 billion, up from 6.7% from 2016, according to Experian data. Everyday we are out shopping and see a product that we want or need. What happens if you do not have […]

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Money/Life Issues About to Surprise Baby Boomers

Boomers, you spent decades working all day. At night, in the quiet darkness of your bedroom, you dreamed of the moment when you retire. Great excitement ensues when the day finally comes! Three months later you will find yourself surprised by a number of financial and lifestyle realities. That’s why Money Examiners was born. We […]

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Amazon is Booming into New Economy

The Amazon Prime Membership allows users to have anything they need shipped and delivered in 2 days. Now Amazon has introduced the Amazon Dash Button, which connects to Wifi to reorder customers most often purchased products with the simple press of a single button. Amazon is booming into the new economy. The Birth of Amazon Amazon […]

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Emergency Money Fund to the Rescue

In case you didn’t know, an emergency money fund is essentially a separate bank account or savings account that you put money into in case there is ever a larger unexpected expense. Ideally it is for a true emergency such as: • Big home appliance replacement • Unforeseen unemployment • A visit to the emergency […]

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3 Secrets to Fixing Your Credit Score

It’s no secret that having poor credit sucks, which is exactly why you want to fix it. When you build your credit back up, you will have a much better chance to qualify for a new car, credit cards, as well as everything else that comes with having good credit, including lower interest rates, down […]

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Housing Market Takes a Precipitous Drop!

After several years of rising prices, followed by more rising prices, the housing market has started to sour, and at a remarkably quick pace. In just three months, the housing financial environment has gone from boom to something more like a boomlet. How do we know this? It seems that construction activity has slowed. That’s […]

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