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NFL Games That You Can Afford to Attend

The temperatures remain high, but the light looks different. Shorter days herald the end of summer and the beginning of footba… er, fall. Ah, now there we go letting the cat out of the bag. But, who can blame us? The smell of the tailgating, the head rush when the home team scores the winning touchdown. You won’t have a better time anywhere than at one or more NFL games.

“Sounds great, but, aren’t NFL games awfully pricey?”

Most of them are, but that’s why Money Examiners got on the phone to find some great NFL games this season in stadiums you can afford. Here is how we broke it down:

The price of football game essentials for two people. That means game tickets, a hot dog apiece, two beers for one and two sodas for the other. Throw in the cost of parking, and we’re golden. We chose the best home game being played at each of these stadiums during the upcoming NFL season. Are you ready to see what we found?

“I am. My cheesehead is already on. Please tell me the Green Bay Packers play at an affordable stadium.”

A Jacksonville Jaguars home game costs $42.30 per ticket and $25 to park in the lot. The hot dogs are five bucks each (great value compared to what you can spend elsewhere.) The brew will set you back $12.00, and the Cokes cost $10.00. Total price: $141.60.

Choose the Sept. 16 home opener against the New England Patriots. This is a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship game in which the Jaguars had the Pats down late, only to fail to close the deal.

A Kansas City Chiefs home game costs $38.33 per ticket and $27 to park in the lot. The hot dogs are $5.75 each. Total beer cost is $14.50, but the two Cokes will set you back just nine dollars. The total comes to $138.67.

Choose the Dec. 30 game against the Oakland Raiders, because someone’s playoff lives are going to be on the line. Besides, AFC West divisional games have an extra spice.

A Buffalo Bills home game costs $36.33 per ticket and $25 to park in the lot. The dogs run $11 for two. Total beer cost is $18, but the Cokes are only $10 for two. The total comes to $136.66.

Choose the Oct. 7 game against the Tennessee Titans. Since it is unlikely that the Bills will dethrone the Patriots for AFC East supremacy, Tennessee is just the kind of team the Bills could be competing with to make the playoffs at season’s end.

A Cleveland Browns home game costs $38.33 per ticket and $25 to park in the lot. Two hot dogs are just $12, and the beer will run you $10 for two. You’ll pay five bucks per soft drink. The total comes to $133.66.

Choose the Sept. 9 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. There is a buzz that this may be the best Browns team in a long time, and Pittsburgh is known for slow starts and fast finishes.

A Cincinnati Bengals home game costs $39.47 per ticket, while parking in the lot is a league-low $22. Two hot dogs are $10.50, and two beers will set you back a mere $10. The sodas are $5.25 a copy. The total comes to $131.93.

Choose the Nov. 11 game against the New Orleans Saints. It may be a while before the Saints come back to Cincinnati and Drew Brees may be gone by then.

“Sorry about the Packers’ situation, but Lambeau Field is actually the fifth MOST expensive place to watch a game.”

“My cheesehead is sad.”

“I know.”