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Best New Year’s Eve Parties in the U.S.A.

In the waning days of November and the early days of December are the times to plan the best New Year’s parties to be held on the streets of the U.S.A. The Times Square party is sold out, but that one is overrated anyway. (You’ll see why as we go through our list.) When you tell your friends that you found a New Year’s Eve party in Money Examiners, they will be SO jealous. But, you’re smart that way. What can we say? Here they are, though, New Year’s Eve in any of these places will be your best vacation since you went to Machu Picchu.





The Music City hosts the New Year’s Eve Bash on Broadway. It’s free and features the greatest musicians in town that week. Major bands, playing many genres, take over the stage in preparation for Nashville’s “Music Note Drop,” triggering fireworks and a cannon that shoots hundreds of pounds of confetti. Elsewhere, Nashville’s best bars and music venues throw parties. For something more intimate, M Street, the owners of many beloved places for food and drink, sells a single New Year’s Eve ticket that grants you entrance to four separate parties.


San Antonio:



The famed San Antonio River Walk is the place to go for this celebration. Restaurants and bars on the River Walk itself offer specials that include a prix-fixe menu and private seating in which to ring in 2019. Downtown S.A.’s night before the New Year celebration is Texas’ most elaborate. At 5 p.m., several stages erupt with music, and rides, attractions, and food lead up to fireworks at midnight.





How many places just have to “be” to be a great place to spend New Year’s Eve? Welcome to Paradise. One thing you must do is attend a luau. The Hilton Hawaiian Village offers up a great traditional one. Two miles from your luau find Aloha Tower Marketplace. That’s where the “Party of the Year” takes place Dec. 31. It is food trucks, rides, live music and DJs all leading to the midnight fireworks display. If that isn’t “different” enough for you, jump aboard the Dolphin Star, or Star of Honolulu for a romantic fireworks cruise.





The peach drop must not be missed, because it is Atlanta’s version of Times Square’s ball drop up north. The 800-pound peach drops at midnight, but in the hours before midnight, top musicians and traveling acts perform, while food trucks and DJ’s offer the best in southern style. “This must cost a fortune!” Nope, because there is no charge.

You have been trying to imagine why we think the Times Square party is overrated, but it hasn’t struck just yet? Think about what Atlanta and Honolulu, or San Antonio, and Nashville have in common. They are WARM, at least compared to New York City. Now that baseline warmth is established, let us continue.


San Francisco:



A spectacular bay-front fireworks show is one of the New Year’s Eve highlights in The City by the Bay. Elsewhere, though, the San Francisco Symphony’s black and white ball and the passport to the world New Year’s Eve Ball each feature DJs, live music, and an open bar. Are you looking for something more casual? Go down to the Embarcadero for midnight fireworks.

There are other cities, and warm ones at that, offering New Year’s Eve parties, but these are our favorites from which to wish you, our readers, a Happy New Year. Thank you for being a part of the Money Examiners family.