Are The Most Satisfying Jobs Also The Highest Paying?

Are The Most Satisfying Jobs Also The Highest Paying

Having a satisfying job that doesn’t put you in the poor house is possible. found that there are some high-paying jobs that can be the most satisfying jobs and many that are also among the highest paying in the current economy.

The Most Satisfying Jobs

Being Your Own Boss

If you are an entrepreneur at heart, the most satisfying job will always be whatever business you have created for yourself.

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Being your own boss will always be #1. And because you are the owner of your own business, there is no salary cap or limit to how much money you earn.

But not everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur or even desires the work-at-home lifestyle. Some people actually prefer and enjoy working for someone else.

So aside from being an entrepreneur, let’s talk about other types of careers.

The following positions top the list as the most satisfying jobs where you are not the boss.

The highest paying jobs in the nation also include many of the most satisfying in the medical field, with surgeons, medical support staff and hospital administrators, but there are also many of the highest paying professions in business.

In fact, 97% of the nation’s brain surgeons found their jobs as meaningful. The average neurosurgeon takes home $381,500 a year.

Heart Surgeon

Those who specialize in heart surgery earn an average salary of $353,900 a year, and 91% of cardiothoracic surgeons label their jobs as meaningful. Getting rich seems to tied to satisfying jobs for many people.


Doctors who work as anesthesiologists earn an average of $283,600 a year. They’re also very happy, with 88% surveyed saying they have satisfying jobs.


But dermatologist might be the happiest professionals in America. An overwhelming 100% surveyed said their jobs were meaningful. Part of the reason they are happy is probably the pay. The average dermatologist earns $212,900 a year.


Obstetrician and Gynecologists (OB/GYN), the doctors whose job it is to help babies come into the world are among the select group of those with the most satisfying jobs, with 95% saying their jobs are meaningful.

Average salaries for baby delivery doctors are $199,700 a year.

Supervisory Special Agent

Supervisory special agents, who occupy the management slots at federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI are also very satisfied with their jobs. All of the professionals surveyed or 100% of the people in this job felt their position was satisfying. The average salary is $129,400 a year, and it comes with a forced early retirement at 55 and a federal pension.

CEO of Someone Else’s Company

Being the boss or Chief Executive Officer of someone else’s company can be very satisfying. Eighty-two percent of the nation’s CEOs said their jobs were satisfying, even if they don’t own the company themselves.

However, the average salary may not be as high as you think at just $155,000 a year, but that includes companies of all shapes and sizes.

Senior Construction Manager

Senior construction managers in charge of constructing a major building development are also in very satisfying positions, according to Payscale.

One hundred percent of the construction managers surveyed said they were satisfied with their jobs. Their average pay is around $122,300.

Aircraft Test Pilots

Aircraft test pilots have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, but it is also one of the most satisfying. The survey found that 91% of the nation’s test pilots were satisfied with their work. The average salary is about $121,900 a year.

Hospital Administrator

You don’t need to be a physician to have a satisfying job in healthcare that pays well. The satisfaction rate for hospital administrators is 89%, and the average pay is $92,700 a year.

Those in charge and those in healthcare appear to be the most satisfied with their work, although you may be most satisfied and make the most money in a job or a career that you really enjoy.

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