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Make Money Shopping with Apps

Who wouldn’t want to make money shopping with apps and put a couple hundred dollars into their pockets a year? All you need is a cell phone that can download and run certain applications. If you like to shop, or in most cases, we must shop so why not make a few extra dollars. Shopping […]

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First Year as an Entrepreneur Feels Amazing

A smooth transition from employee to entrepreneur dissolves in a sea of late payments for the first year as an entrepreneur, but it often feels amazing even as late shipments and machines malfunction. Interspersed with the chaos are shafts of sunlight that get you up in the morning with a sense of hope and desire […]

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These 5 Apps Make it Easy to Invest

Not too many years ago, investing was nearly an exclusive club for the rich. Today’s world of constant internet connection has changed the game. Apps exist that make investing simple for even the newest beginner. Additionally, you can start investing with very little money. These 5 apps make it easy to invest: 1. Stash This […]

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Small Business Threw a Job Fair and No One Came

Let us introduce you to our friend. His name is Mike, but he would prefer that to be as far as we go to identify him. Mike owns a small business in the upper Midwest. His plant has high-speed machines that sometimes run at 350 degrees when under full throttle, and there are orders in […]

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Reach Financial Security with Multiple Streams of Income

Financial security is always something that should be top of mind. Whether it be making sure there is enough money to cover an unexpected layoff or money for a medical emergency, financial security lies at the heart of handling money. But what’s the best way to create financial security? Hoard all savings in a shoebox […]

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Apps That Can Make You Super Rich

Applications, known henceforth as “apps” because we’re as cool as the other kids, have been around since cell phones first went smart. Most of them are designed to waste time (think Angry Birds) or tell you mundane things (the high tomorrow will be 67, and an Ethiopian prince sent you an email.) Phone apps are […]

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