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Make Money Shopping with Apps

Who wouldn’t want to make money shopping with apps and put a couple hundred dollars into their pockets a year? All you need is a cell phone that can download and run certain applications. If you like to shop, or in most cases, we must shop so why not make a few extra dollars.
Shopping Apps that Make Money

Ibotta can be downloaded and used on both iPhones and Androids. This app allows users to upload receipts from shopping and benefit from money-saving offers that are offered regularly. With an extensive selection of offers to choose from, it is easy to begin making money on things you use every day. To find the offers, just go to the offers section and pick out the ones you would like to use. Each offer has the reward listed so that you know how much you will be rewarded.

Once you find the offers you want to use just click and the app will bring you to the retailer. Place your order and then take a snapshot of the receipt and upload to earn your rewards. This app makes shopping fun and there have been times when shoppers have made over $50 in one shopping trip. There is a $10 reward when you complete your first offer. When you are ready to redeem your rewards, the money can be transferred right into PayPal. The money is transferred, and you have earned extra money.

This is a smartphone application that is easy to download and use. Once you download Receipt Hog you can begin using it right away to earn rewards. This app is used by taking snapshots of your shopping receipts and uploading them. The points will add up each time you upload a receipt and then can be used towards cash or Amazon gift cards.

The point system is simple and for every 1,000 points you can earn $5 cash or put it towards an Amazon gift card. Receipt Hog also has monthly challenges that are fun to do, and there is even a level system to move up. As your levels increase you will get extra spins and the chance to earn more points. FYI, this app does not offer rewards for online purchases.

If you do most of your shopping online, then this is an app you must use. When you download the app and register you will be offered some great deals through sponsors including Groupon, Macy’s, Target and many more. Ebates is used as the portal to enter the sponsors store. When you make your purchases, you will receive cash-back that will be credited to your account.

Looking for more deals?

Ebates has a section called “hot deals” where you can earn more rewards for selected purchases. When you’re ready to cash-in all you do is have it transferred to PayPal. Earning money shopping has never been easier or more entertaining. There are people who take these shopping apps to the next level and literally earn over $500 per year. Before you go on your next shopping adventure, make sure you have your cell phone on and ready to make money shopping with apps online.