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Cannabis Corp./Brewer Consortium Will Equal Weed Empire

Marijuana commerce may be this decade’s most interesting news. Already we have seen significant movement in the world of weed. Now, there are more big moves afoot in the world of corporate cannabis. Constellation Brands Inc. has positioned itself to be a worldwide cannabis empire alongside Canopy Growth Corp. This will rocket the Canada-based pot […]

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10 Richest People of All Time

Today, Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos holds the title for the richest man in the world. With a personal net worth of more than $150 billion, Bezos outshines his closest competitor by more than $50 billion. Although Bezos is undoubtedly the richest man alive, how would he stack up to the richest people of […]

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3 Traits of Highly Successful People

There‚Äôs no easy way to become successful. No matter what people try to sell you, there’s no shortcut to the top. No easy 12-step program, magic formula, or secret sauce. It’s about doing all of the little things right day after day. Making sure that when you find that passion that you’re well-rounded and determined […]

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“Hims” Shakes Up Online Men’s Health

Ask almost any man 27-33 years of age to name two things that worry him about the future. One of two (or two of two) answers crop up. Millennial males, like their Gen X and Baby Boomer Dad’s before them, worry about losing their hair and erectile dysfunction. Not “many” men, or even “most” men […]

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Royal Caribbean Spends $1B to Host First-Time Cruisers

The common wisdom about seagoing vacations is that there are two types of cruisers. First, there is the bargain cruiser that wants to be out for 3-4 days and home with vacation days left in the bank. The bargain cruiser enjoys being on the open sea but doesn’t expect to be treated like royalty. Then, […]

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The Richest Celebrities in the World

At the end of the movie “Arthur”; Dudley Moore asks Liza Minelli if she has ever been on a yacht. “No, is it wonderful,” she asks. “It doesn’t suck,” he replies. It occurs to Money Examiners that the same question could be asked, and the same answer would be given, about many of the trappings […]

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