How to Save Money Buying In Bulk At Warehouse Stores

How to Save Money Buying in Bulk

We have all heard the jokes about warehouse stores. Heck, we probably know someone who has lived them out.

It shows in the dangerous way they drive. Be gentle, because it isn’t their fault. They swerve like that because they can’t see around 500 rolls of toilet paper.

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A warehouse store is something you have considered, even if you haven’t pulled the trigger just yet. Or, you are a current member at just such a place.

Either way, Money Examiners wants you to succeed at warehousing. So, we put together some ideas, (at least one counterintuitive) for saving money and getting the most out of your membership.

How to Save Money Buying In Bulk At Warehouse Stores

First of all, lets define our terms. By “warehouse store” we’re talking about three big fish in the pond.

They would be Costco, Sam’s Club, and B.J’s. Costco is the largest, Sam’s Club is also nationwide, while B.J’s extends from the eastern seaboard to Ohio. Our ideas apply to all three stores.

1. Nothing Beats a Snack After Shopping

Warehouse club stores have uncarpeted cement floors on which to walk. Your dogs are going to bark because they just carried you for miles around the store. Treat them to a long sit-down and yourself to the best deal.

At Costco and Sam’s Club, it is the hot dog and a soda deal for $1.50. At B.J’s it is the excellent prices at the Dunkin’ Donuts kiosk.

2. Shop With a List!

So important when shopping at a club store. Without a list, you’re going to have a two-month supply of something you craved for ten seconds.

3. Adults Only

Of course that isn’t club store policy. They love the little ones! But, it is so much easier to stay within the parameters of your list without little opinions repeated in your ear every eight seconds.

“Mom, Mom, MomMomMom.” Find someone to watch the owner of that voice, and your money may last to the next paycheck.

4. Prices That Don’t End In .99

Anything that ends in something other than 99 cents is a special discount from the manufacturer to the club store. These are especially good buys.

5. Shop Store Brands

You may have tried this technique at a regular grocery store, but been disappointed. It will work for you at Costco (Kirkland Brands), Sam’s Club (Simply Right) and BJ’s (Richelieu Foods, Berkley-Jensen, and Wellsley Farms.)

6. Notice the Asterisk

If your favorite item has an asterisk on the tag, it is being discontinued. You had better stock up on these!

7. The Flyer is No Help, and it May Hurt

The flyer you are given at the door Does NOT contain coupons, because you are always given the best price at checkout. Don’t let the flyer whisper at you until you buy what you don ‘t need.

8. Eyewear is a Great Buy

Bring your prescription into any of the big three warehouse stores. You’ll find fashionable eyewear, and the price will surprise you.

9. Printer Ink at Unbeatable Prices

Bring your refillable ink cartridge to a warehouse store and save about 50%. You’re keeping your portion of tons of plastic cartridges out of the landfill, as well.

10. Shop During Rush Hour

We told you at least one of these would be counterintuitive. But, trust us. More cars on the road mean shorter lines at checkout. The lines at the sample tables are shorter during rush hour outside, too.

How to Save Money Buying In Bulk At Warehouse Stores – What To Buy And What To Skip

Writer Sidney Carroll said, “A bargain ain’t a bargain unless it’s something you need.”

By buying in bulk, you will quickly discover which items are good deals in large quantities and which are not bargains at all. Big box stores like Sam’s Club, BJ’s, and Costco offer many items in bulk, but you should make sure the savings outweigh the membership cost.

It depends on a number of factors, including the size of your family, how often you shop, and your expected savings.

You can always try it out and make adjustments to your grocery list accordingly. Here’s how to save money buying in bulk:

Do Buy

Meat. Meat is a smart buy at any bulk retailer. The selection is usually greater and of higher quality than other food stores. If you purchase a large pork loin and cut it yourself, you can get more than twenty pork chops for about $17. Don’t worry about waste; just freeze the meat in individual freezer bags so you can enjoy it later.

Water. You can find 32 bottles of generic water for less than $4. This is especially useful in the summer months when cold bottled water is convenient and refreshing.

Non-perishables. Canned goods are good to buy in bulk because they hardly ever spoil before you get a chance to eat them. The choices might be limited, but you can bet on seeing corn and a variety of beans on the shelf.

Alcohol. Liquor stores love to mark up the price of alcohol so buying in bulk can save you tons of money. Bulk retailers often carry a wide variety of alcohol so shop these stores to stock up for your next party or event.

Big-ticket items. Some shoppers buy electronics and other high-end items at bulk stores. They may be sold at a discount, but you should check other retailers online before making such large purchases.

Don’t Buy

Produce. Fruits and vegetables sold in bulk usually go to waste before they can be consumed. Avoid buying large bags of lettuce and boxes of apples unless you know they will be eaten quickly. For strawberries and other seasonal produce, bulk retailers do not usually have lower prices than other food stores.

Bread and buns. You can always freeze loaves of bread or bags of hamburger buns, but you are better off buying bread as you need it. Besides, who eats 24 hot dogs before the buns go bad?

Dog food. Contrary to popular belief, large bags of dog food are not a deal at bulk retailers. Find a local agricultural cooperative like Southern States where you can buy 40 pounds of dog food for less than $15.

Condiments. Unless you run a restaurant or commercial bakery, you probably do not need five gallons of sour cream or mustard. Think about what you will realistically consume and buy only what you need.

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