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Cannabis Corp./Brewer Consortium Will Equal Weed Empire

Marijuana commerce may be this decade’s most interesting news. Already we have seen significant movement in the world of weed. Now, there are more big moves afoot in the world of corporate cannabis. Constellation Brands Inc. has positioned itself to be a worldwide cannabis empire alongside Canopy Growth Corp. This will rocket the Canada-based pot […]

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First Year as an Entrepreneur Feels Amazing

A smooth transition from employee to entrepreneur dissolves in a sea of late payments for the first year as an entrepreneur, but it often feels amazing even as late shipments and machines malfunction. Interspersed with the chaos are shafts of sunlight that get you up in the morning with a sense of hope and desire […]

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3 Traits of Highly Successful People

There’s no easy way to become successful. No matter what people try to sell you, there’s no shortcut to the top. No easy 12-step program, magic formula, or secret sauce. It’s about doing all of the little things right day after day. Making sure that when you find that passion that you’re well-rounded and determined […]

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5 New Investments Most Haven’t Even Considered

When people consider investing money they turn to stocks, bonds, and real estate – the usual choices. These investments are great, but only considering them may be closing you off to a world of other possibilities. Some alternative investments often provide the same (or even better) performance over time and can also be fun to […]

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Apps That Can Make You Super Rich

Applications, known henceforth as “apps” because we’re as cool as the other kids, have been around since cell phones first went smart. Most of them are designed to waste time (think Angry Birds) or tell you mundane things (the high tomorrow will be 67, and an Ethiopian prince sent you an email.) Phone apps are […]

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How to Get the Raise You Deserve

You like your job, and sometimes you actually love it. You’re good at what you do. Actually, there is only one thing keeping you from achieving real job satisfaction. You want a raise. Should you feel guilty? Or, maybe ungrateful? On the contrary. According to a recent survey by CNN Money, 46.7% of employees in […]

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