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Some Like US Government Split

I had a long conversation last night with my friend. He was pretty happy about the election returns. I wondered why. After all, my friend and I share memories and goodwill, but not many political opinions. Therefore, I assumed last Tuesday’s election would have left him in a 50/50 state of mind. Maybe there was another reason for his apparent joy that had nothing to do with the government.

As it turns out, he was happy about the state of the nation. “The US government is split, so nothing will get done. That’s just the way I like it.”

What in the world? Who even says that?

First, here is what you should know about my lifelong friend. He was a successful manager in the wholesale rubber industry and retired before the age of sixty-two. He has two successful and talented children. My friend’s grandchildren are second only to mine on the international cuteness meter. He does not inhale, ingest, or inject drugs. His intelligence tests always come back at “high achiever.” In short, he is a solid contributor to his community and a good family man. So, has he gone bonkers?

I needed to investigate. Might I learn something? Or do his kids need to begin a discussion about how to take care of the old man?





First I looked up the Dow number for that day. While it is far from a perfect measure of the economy, it is one thing people pay attention to as an assessment of our economy. Did it fall to pieces the day after the election? I guessed it would hover near the gain/loss line, unsure of itself in the face of a split government.

The Dow is up about 500 points since Election Day. I dug still further. Several op-ed writers from some highly respected finance houses seemed to be in an ebullient mood. They wrote words like “measured and “balanced.”

I continued to examine, looking for some kind of consensus. It was not to be found, of course, but a substantial minority agreed with my friend. Sure, many others are less cynical, but many people apparently believe in split government as the government for them.

As it turns out, these people believe that base instincts are in play, on both sides. With split government, the party who claps its hands over the prospect of closing public schools to send children to $0.30 per hour sweatshops won’t get their way. Likewise, the party that smiles about taking everyone’s money and building a highway to nowhere will be kept in check. My friend, along with those of a similar mindset, believes that our darker angels will be held at bay.


Going forward Money Examiners will watch the action. Perhaps, the best legislative stew happens when there are various cooks in the kitchen. We are persuadable.

Or, horrendous gridlock! Important infrastructure legislation founders because the government does little other than throw slander. Maybe, we’ll be tied up with litigious behavior. In a worst-case scenario, such a thing could challenge our very existence.

Whatever the future brings, Money Examiners will be on top of the stories. Consider that as our pledge to our readers.

Good luck. God bless you, and God bless the United States. Some think we need it, but others believe we’ll be doing great!