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Favorite Cars for Young Executives

“Image is everything.” Tennis superstar Andre Agassi first told us that in 1989 when he was repping Canon cameras. Since then, we have evolved, albeit not completely. Image isn’t everything, but neither is it nothing. In the new economy young executives know they must be excellent at what they do, as well as give off the image they want to portray. Truth told, the car they drive is a part of the image and, is a part of the reputation gained. Your car doesn’t tell the whole story, but it’s a chapter in the book.

Favorite Cars for Young Executives

Choosing the right car can be tricky. Go flashy, and they may say you lack humility. Go understated, and you might appear lacking in confidence. That’s why our list of cars makes so much sense. They don’t veer off the rails at either end of the spectrum. They retail for between $34,000 and $40,000. That’s the sweet spot for Mr or Ms. Young Executive.


Infinity Q50: Infiniti is a brand that has come into its own over the last eight years, and there is no better example than the Q50. It comes with a 208 horsepower turbo-four, or a 300-horse turbo-six. The bigger engine makes this the fastest car on our list.


Lexus IS: The young executive who knows what the right make of car means won’t go wrong with a Lexus. The IS 350 is a little too expensive for our list, but the 241 horsepower turbocharged two-liter powerplant will fit nicely in the price range, and even more nicely in the executive lot.


Volvo S60: Sweden’s favorite carmaker has a reputation for safety. That’s because, year after year, their cars are the safest on the road. Since 2010, Volvos have also been increasingly attractive. The 240-horse T5 powertrain is the best value of the many engines Volvo makes available. Our young executive will also enjoy the quietest cabin on our list.



Audi A3: As a car for upwardly-mobile young executives Audi has gained a substantial following. Those who agree may be pleasantly surprised that this beauty is the least expensive on our list, coming in at an MSRP of $31,950, all the while boasting one of the most comfortable front-seat interiors on the list.



BMW 3 Series: You knew this one was on the way if it fits under our budget. It does and by about $5,000! For that moderate price, you will get BMW cachet, along with a car that boasts sports car handling, and the best fuel economy on the list.



Lincoln MKZ: While Lincoln’s parent company, Ford Motor Company, may be getting rid of most of its car line, this Lincoln has separated from the pack. All available powertrains fit into our budget. Money Examiners likes the sound of the 400-horse, turbocharged V-6.


Audi A4: Look at Audi, dropping into our list with not one, but two cars! That shouldn’t surprise us as Audi has been knocking on the door of the BMWs and Mercedes for quite some time. For four grand under our price ceiling, the rising young executive will enjoy best-in-class handling and an unsurpassed reputation for reliability. That’s important because while our executive is still young, she will have to have her car fixed rather than just buying a new one. But, her day is coming. We can tell.


That’s our list, Young Executives. Pick out a good one. You can’t miss with this lineup of cars.