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Buy a Franchise Under $200

Getting into business was never for many people. Oh, you dreamed of becoming a high roller in the franchise world, but the closest you came to high roller was a twelve while playing Monopoly. “Business owners are old money. I can never be one of those guys.” At least, that’s what you always told yourself. Actually, you can buy a franchise for under $200.

Here is what Money Examiners found in the world of low dollar franchises that will be of interest to you. If you have a few thousand dollars to invest, any of these franchises will work. If you have just a few hundred dollars, though, keep reading because we have something good for you down there.

Club Z, In-Home Tutoring Service: America’s largest and highest-rated tutoring service is Club Z! They have about 4,000 locations, just in the United States. Founded in Florida during the 1994/95 school year, Club Z offers its franchisees several revenue streams. They include online coaching, college consulting, at-home tutoring, and a rigorous pre-exam boot camp. Club Z franchisees actually monitor the tutors, so no teaching experience is necessary. An avid interest in helping students learn, though, is a must. Initial investment: $9,995.




Chester’s Chicken: Do you know that it takes over $1 million to start a McDonald’s franchise? That’s nuts when you can invest in your own chicken place. Alabama-based Chester’s has its own recipe and about 1,000 locations to date. They appear in strip malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, and the occasional street fair. Initial investment: $8,639.


Baby Boot Camp: This is the second time the term “boot camp” has come up, but this time we’re using it for new Moms who want to get that bikini body back post haste! Baby Boot Camp has been in business for almost 20 years, combining a workout with walking your baby. Genius idea! It’s a stroller exercise plan with 100 locations nationwide, offering workout ranging from very low to medium intensity. New Moms emotional support and nutrition help is available, as well. Initial investment: $4,000.



Cruise Planners: Have you ever wondered if you missed your calling during the hey-day of travel agencies? Do you help your friends plan their vacations, and do it because it is fun for you? Enter Cruise Planners. Based out of Florida, it’s the largest home-based travel operation in the world, with over 2,500 franchises, covering all 50 states. Franchisees pay their initial investment and work at home, selling cruises, car rental, travel insurance, etc. The head office provides a business model, ongoing training, branding materials, and marketing assistance, along with support. Initial investment, $2000.




Umbrella Tax Solutions: Here is the answer if you want to open a franchise with the money you find in your cushions. Franchisees are given everything they need to become tax para-professionals, including tax prep software and marketing advice. Franchisees require no tax prep experience whatsoever, thanks to the head office’s extensive training. They can choose to start the business part-time, a bonus for more cautious entrepreneurs who are hesitant to give up a full-time job. Initial investment: $199.00.

If these ideas make your imagination light up, then your next career may be on this page.