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Electric Car Competition Heats Up as Tesla’s Troubles Grow

Over the past few months, it’s safe to say that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has generated more controversy than most individuals weather in a lifetime. While a certain amount of press attention is never a bad thing, particularly for an innovator and forward thinker such as Musk, the negative commentary surrounding his persona is contributing […]

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Markets on Verge of Silver Breakout

Precious metals normally rise and fall simultaneously. However, there have only been a few instances in silver’s history where it has been able to beat gold. The white metal is in a power brawl of sorts with gold in the new economy and may be on the verge of a silver breakout. The sudden jump […]

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Kroger Sales Growth Doesn’t Match Up With Grocery Competition

Kroger announced mixed earnings in Thursdays pre-market trading and the stock opened down ten percent. The grocery retailer reported estimate-beating earnings for the second quarter of 2018, but missed in both revenue and comparables. Same-store sales still saw an increase of 1.6 percent compared with Q2 of 2017, but the small miss from the 1.8 […]

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Trump and Economic Recession

U.S. Businesses Strike Back on Tariffs

Following months pursuing a war against President Donald Trump’s trade war tariffs that have risen far beyond what commercial groups once thought, more than 85 U.S. commerce groups launched an alliance on Wednesday to take it on publicly. The start of Americans for Free Trade comes as Trump progressively warms to employing tariffs. He has […]

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Apple Announces 3 New iPhones

• Three new iPhones announced. • iPhone XS – $999, Preorders Available September 14 • iPhone XS Max – $1099, Preorders Available September 14 • iPhone XR – $749, Preorders Available October 19 • New Series 4 Apple Watch Announced – Focus is on Fitness Tracking and Health • Apple Stock not impacted; Fitbit Down […]

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Economic Recession

Economic Recession on the Way

How close are we to the next U.S. economic failure? The reply is that we could be very close. The stock markets are trading at record highs. Credit card debt and other loan debts by individual Americans and the federal government are at record levels and there is a ton of doubt about President Trump […]

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High End Products Worth Their Price

Waste! The very word denotes “bad.” Money Examiners thinks it might be something about words that start with “was.” If something “was” it’s gone, perhaps forever. A person who is wasteful is somehow untrustworthy. A wastrel is, by definition, “a good-for-nothing person.” No one wants to be caught in a vortex of “was,” especially if […]

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