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Square is Set to Soar this Year

This year has been good to Square Inc. over the first week of trading. While the stock is still trading well off from its all time high of $99.01 reached in September, its seen a significant rally since January 3 and could be set to soar. In all, Square’s share price has gained around 27 […]

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Make Money with Dividend Stocks

The dream of passive income is real, and it’s been around since the dawn of the modern market. Real passive income won’t come from an online company and it certainly won’t be from rental properties. The closest we can get to true passive income in the modern age is through investing to make money with […]

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Square Dip Provides Ideal Entry Point

After its 125 percent rally this year, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s financial services company, Square, Inc. was a leader in the race to the bottom for tech stocks last week. The selloff provides an excellent opportunity for investors to go long on a stock with an aggressive strategy and five consecutive quarters of year over […]

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