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Major Growth in Online Shopping Predicted for 2019

Ten years ago the idea of saying “Hey, Google,” into an empty room would have seemed like madness. Eight years ago, asking “Siri” a question would have seemed as pointless as locking your home with a telephone. Now, all of the above are commonplace, and Gen Z will never know a world that isn’t powered […]

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Make Money Shopping with Apps

Who wouldn’t want to make money shopping with apps and put a couple hundred dollars into their pockets a year? All you need is a cell phone that can download and run certain applications. If you like to shop, or in most cases, we must shop so why not make a few extra dollars. Shopping […]

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“Hims” Shakes Up Online Men’s Health

Ask almost any man 27-33 years of age to name two things that worry him about the future. One of two (or two of two) answers crop up. Millennial males, like their Gen X and Baby Boomer Dad’s before them, worry about losing their hair and erectile dysfunction. Not “many” men, or even “most” men […]

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U.S. Based Sports Betting is Coming to a Computer Near You!

It’s dated May 6, 2017, and is a pending patent. All legal terminology and technical patent yada yada, it displays an eight-part flowchart. If you read it, though, you would notice it doesn’t reveal its purpose, at least not in plain language. Microsoft holds the rights to the patent, and it may forever change the sports commerce […]

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