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Major Growth in Online Shopping Predicted for 2019

Ten years ago the idea of saying “Hey, Google,” into an empty room would have seemed like madness. Eight years ago, asking “Siri” a question would have seemed as pointless as locking your home with a telephone. Now, all of the above are commonplace, and Gen Z will never know a world that isn’t powered […]

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Brand Loyalty Key to Business Dominance

To whom are you loyal? It is a fundamental question, having to do with what we value in life. Most of you will answer with the same words or phrases. “My spouse/kids/family/friends” will be the first that come to mind. Your employer will rank, even though the manager is choosing this Thursday to have a […]

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Some Like US Government Split

I had a long conversation last night with my friend. He was pretty happy about the election returns. I wondered why. After all, my friend and I share memories and goodwill, but not many political opinions. Therefore, I assumed last Tuesday’s election would have left him in a 50/50 state of mind. Maybe there was […]

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Big Banks Set for Big Gains

Even without market movement following positive earning on Friday, U.S. Banks may be set to soar for investors. As a result of overall market uncertainty following a huge drop in the overall markets, a temporary bear market has stunted financials. Big banks are set for big gains to catch up to the market as a […]

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New Economy Ideas for Money Management

“Back in the day…” That’s a catch-all term for anything that happened before the turn of this century. It can be used as a criticism of the old, or of the new. It’s handy that way. Today, Money Examiners wants to use the expression without judgment in either direction. Instead, we want to talk about […]

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