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Black Friday Winners and Losers

The Black Friday tsunami of card swiping is behind us, and the stores are lit for the holidays. While Black Friday isn’t the only day that matters, as some stores turn on the “Black Friday Sale” light as early as Nov.1, it is still a huge day for how the balance sheet is going to […]

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8 Stock Market Picks to Consider for 2019

The economy of the United States is headed for a bear market, at best, and a full-on recession at worst. Tough words, but, they are the best wisdom of the brightest minds Money Examiners knows. Does a bear market/recession mean we should all put our money in gold and guns? No, but it means careful […]

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General Motors Upheaval Rocks U.S. Economy

It is hard to get Republicans and Democrats to agree on anything, but General Motors CEO Mary Barra managed to bring the two parties together Monday afternoon when she announced massive layoffs and the closing of at least five GM plants. This from Sherrod Brown (D-OH). “The company reaped a massive tax break from last […]

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Revisiting the Election a Week Later

The day before the Nov/ 6 election Money Examiners highlighted a few ballot measures to watch. It has taken two weeks for all of the numbers to come clear, but it looks like the counters have finished their jobs. What won and what didn’t? What does it all mean? What’s next. That’s our focus as […]

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