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3 Traits of Highly Successful People

There’s no easy way to become successful. No matter what people try to sell you, there’s no shortcut to the top. No easy 12-step program, magic formula, or secret sauce. It’s about doing all of the little things right day after day. Making sure that when you find that passion that you’re well-rounded and determined enough to get through the thousands no’s before you get that one maybe. The most successful people aren’t special or unique. They just did all of the right things day in and day out.

When you look at many of the most successful people, whether its financial titans or championship athletes, it’s apparent that most of them share 3 traits of highly successful people. So, while you can’t copy their passion and talents, you can copy these traits so that when you’re faced with the opportunity to succeed you will be ready to follow in their footsteps.

One of the traits seems to pop-up more frequently than any other is having a routine. While having a daily routine might conjure up fears of falling into a rut, when done constructively, routines have been scientifically proven to contribute to success and personal wellness. A famous example of a routine was Steve Jobs’ personal choice in wardrobe. His trademarked look of dad-jeans and black turtlenecks might have just seemed lazy but was actually a calculated choice. Psychology shows that motivation and willpower are not infinite so cutting out minor details by sticking to a routine goes a long way to increase efficiency.

That way you can accomplish more in one day than you would otherwise. Of course, you get out what you put in so if you’re daily routine is eating late, sleeping in, and drinking excessively then obviously that won’t contribute to self-improvement. On the other hand, if your routine is waking up early, going to the gym after work, and reading before bed then these seemingly minuscule acts will compound over time and build a strong foundation for a better life.

The next common trait proves that your teacher was right all along and that reading really is important. Reading helps improve cognitive function and abilities as well as increases creativity through the repeated use of imagination. Warren Buffett recently appointed a new successor and when asked why he chose Gregory Abel over the competition, Buffet said the choice was easy because Gregory was the only person he knew that read as much as him. This is coming from the greatest investor in human history. Buffett also explained that it’s not about reading investment or business books but reading books of all kinds.

Introducing a healthy mix of fact, fiction, poetry, and even books with opposing viewpoints will drastically expand consciousness and improve mental state. So, next time you’re annoying friend tells you the book is so much better than the movie, you should probably listen and give it a read.

When looking at repeat success stories it becomes abundantly clear what many of those people have in common. When you look at people like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Bill Ackman, and even former mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg there’s one thing they all share – besides being billionaires – and that’s their beliefs in the importance of personal health and fitness. These people truly treat their bodies like their temples because they understand that to feel, look, and be confident it takes continuous hard work and discipline. Whether they do it so they can enjoy life and family longer or whether they want to stay alive long enough to become cyborgs, these people are at it every day challenging and improving themselves physically with success and wealth just being a side-effect.

These aren’t some secret traits that successful people don’t want to be exposed. These are simple things we hear every day that we should be doing. For thousands of years, people have preached the importance of having a well-balanced blend of mind, body, and soul. These people didn’t become successful because they were special, they became successful because they did the right things day after day and worked hard to improve themselves mentally and physically. The road to success is challenging but ultimately quite simple: cut out the noise, open your mind, and make sure you’re alive long enough to enjoy all of the benefits.