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Master The Art of Traveling with 4 Steps

If you have traveled, you know that it is one of the best ways to explore new places, see parts of your country you haven’t seen before, and see other countries. Traveling gives you the opportunity to not only see the different parts of the world but to interact with the people who live there. […]

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Best Road Trip Ideas for an August Getaway

Let’s face it, the first month of the summer didn’t go as planned. Work piled up, one of the kids got rosacea, and; something else happened. What was it? Oh, yes, the air conditioner stopped working when the temperature was 103! Morton could have mined for the salt in your sweat! The summer that everyone […]

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Royal Caribbean Spends $1B to Host First-Time Cruisers

The common wisdom about seagoing vacations is that there are two types of cruisers. First, there is the bargain cruiser that wants to be out for 3-4 days and home with vacation days left in the bank. The bargain cruiser enjoys being on the open sea but doesn’t expect to be treated like royalty. Then, […]

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Small Towns to Visit This August

Disney theme parks are great! I say that without hesitation and without qualification. A Disney vacation can be the trip of a lifetime or the way to celebrate rites of passage in a family’s timeline. That said, they are crowded, hot this time of year and expensive any time of the year. Getting there is […]

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Free Summer Waterfall Viewing Trips

You may have been to Niagara Falls. Goodness knows, it is a Bucket List item for anyone who loves the sight and sound of crashing water on the rocks below. If you have made the trek to Niagara, good for you! Did you know that there are higher falls and wider waterfall destinations that aren’t […]

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Star Wars Franchise Takes Hit with Low ‘Solo’ Box Office

Beginning with the original in 1974, “Star Wars” has been a money-belching cash register for George Lucas and Disney. The plot and overall theme captivate fans of the genre. The meager box office performance by “Solo: A Star Wars Story” introduced a new theme. This movie is poised to be the first Star Wars film […]

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