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Ultimate Private Island Getaways







Even for a billionaire finding peace and privacy in today’s world can be difficult. However, renting or buying a private island will get anyone with the check book away from the hustle and bustle. Dozens of private islands are for sale, ranging from tropical paradises to getaways off the coast of Maine.

Some of the islands rank as the most expensive get-away locales, but if you have the money you can buy all the privacy you want on private islands separated from the bi-3rest of the world by large stretches of water. Ultimate private island getaways are for rent and for sale all over the world.

The ultimate private island is Lanai, one of the Hawaiian islands that Oracle boss Larry Ellison bought for $300 million in 2012. Lanai is 141 square miles and features two Four Seasons hotels, sugar plantations and an entire town. Ellison owns 98% of the island. About 2% is owned by local families and the government.

Ellison owns one of the resorts on Lanai. He also owns the island’s water treatment system, a grocery store and a movie theater. It isn’t clear what exactly Ellison wants to do with the island, although he is talking about making it into a green community. ci-4The best thing about Ellison’s private island is that you can stay there at one of the hotels.

Buck Island is a 43-acre retreat in the British Virgin Islands. This fully staffed private island features swimming pools and landscaped gardens. The island is recognized for some of the world’s clearest water. Even though it’s private, it’s known as something of a tourist attraction. Its owner advertises Buck Island as having the best view in the Virgin Islands.

Cousine Island is in the Seychelles. A remote island nation in the Indian Ocean, it features villas, a beautiful beach, a bar, pool, library lounge, and dining room. ji-5Helicopter trips are optional, and it costs just $16,061 a week to stay at Cousine Island, but the price doesn’t include the cost of the flight to the Seychelles. If you want privacy, Cousine Island is the ultimate destination; it is hundreds of miles from anywhere.

Not all private islands are in remote locations. Jonathan Island is just off the coast of Rhode Island, so it’s a short train ride or drive from New York or Boston. The island features a house, woods, beach and a dock. You can rent the 2.79-acre island for just $5,118 a week, but you’ll have to pay for your own boat. For that price, you get fishing equipment and two kayaks, but no motorboat.

Nautilus Island is a private retreat in Penobscot Bay off the coast of Maine.



The 38-acre island includes woodlands, century old buildings, a tennis court, a vineyard, and a boathouse. A boat and a boat captain are thrown in for free in case you want to go lobster fishing. You can rent all of Nautilus Island for a mere $16,429.30 a week. In 2011, Nautilus Island was listed for sale for $7.99 million.









For $14,811 a week, you can rent your own Florida Key island on Melody Key. For that price, you get a villa that can hold 10 people, a beach, and a 14-foot catamaran. The owners of the island also lease it out for weddings. Anyone ready for the ultimate honeymoon vacation?