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Seven Rules to Throw Out When You Turn Fifty

Who said, “Rules are made to be broken?” Was it a cocky teenager? Not, hardly. That bromide belongs to a war hero. Gen. Douglas MacArthur invented that phrase. He was right, particularly when you turn fifty years of age. At a half-century, some of the rules you “know” aren’t really true. Here are some examples.

Always Think of Others First. By the time you turn fifty, you’ve done for others for four decades. Now, its time to turn some attention on yourself. Go this year on the cruise you’ve been putting off.

Don’t Look Back. You did a study-away program when you were twenty years old. How much more would you enjoy returning to that foreign country as a real grown-up? Spend some of what you have saved for that special trip down Memory Lane.

Practice Delayed Gratification. Why wait? That’s what Money Examiners says in response. Now is the time to reach for the better job, the missed connection relationship, and a pair of purple pants (if you have always wanted purple pants).

You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks. This one isn’t even true for dogs, much less you! As we speak thousands of folks, 50+, are learning a foreign language or how to prepare banh mi.

Above All Else, Be Honest. I’ll bet you thought this one was true, but hear me out. Those who love you, do so not because of your brutal honesty. (“That shirt makes you look like the ice cream man.”) Rather, they love you for your kindness. (“If you wear that shirt, I will too.”) Beware of people who say, “You’ll always know where you stand with me,” because it means they are too lazy, or too mean, to bother with kindness.

The Senior Discount is Embarrassing. The heck it is! By paying full price, you’ve been subsidizing the senior discount for years. Ride the bus for half off. See the next Marvel movie (I’m sure one is coming out soon. They come out every ten minutes.) for 25% off.

You Should Always be Dignified. Pop quiz! What is the secret to continued mental and emotional health? If you said money and a good shrink you’re wrong twice over. Psychologists will tell you laughter is the secret to continued mental and emotional health. So, what’s the best route to staying really mentally and emotionally fit? Laugh until your nose runs. Laugh too loudly and then get hiccups. Who will be offended? The Millennial shaking his head at you should have the fun you’re having. Not to mention your net worth. Laugh loud and laugh long, because you will delight a lot more people than you offend. In fact, kick back for a short giggle right now. I’ll wait for the last of the rules.

Work Overtime and Build Your 401k. Sure, you can do that, or else you can work overtime and ruin your health. The average 401k will increase in value exactly 1.9% if you work 50 hours a week for ten years over what it will be worth on a 40-hour work week. Only you can answer, “Is it worth it,” but a ton of overtime doesn’t make Money Examiners smile, much less laugh until we hiccup.

Take it from us. You have more wisdom now than you have ever had, and you’re still dead sexy to boot. Enjoy the candles on your birthday cake. They’re helping to heat the house.