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Save Money on Cable TV and Satellite

It’s no secret that the economy has cut into budgets. The middle class has all but disappeared. In this struggling economy it is more important than ever to find ways to save money on cable TV, satellite and internet. Evaluating non-essentials and cutting back on those that are not as important can save consumers a lot of money.

When you save money on cable TV and satellite subscriptions those funds can be used to pay for necessities and contribute to savings so that you aren’t in a bind when you have an emergency.

Really Need 200 Channels?

The television industry has put viewers in a quandary. Free television is typically limited to a few local channels and PBS. Television broadcasters were de-regulated during the Reagan Administration, but many of the changes took years to go into effect. These days most consumers need to stretch money further and those 200 channels that cable and satellite companies offer aren’t quite as necessary as you once thought. After all who needs all the info commercials they offer anyway. It’s no wonder why customers are leaving satellite and cable companies in droves.

However, there are lots of alternatives available for television thanks to high-tech. First, talk to your cable or satellite provider and find out if there are less expensive packages available. You should also use this as a good time to negotiate a better rate, if you want to keep the service. Cable and satellite companies know competition is stiff and don’t want to lose another customer.

If you can’t get a better deal, consider going to basic television and getting one of the streaming boxes that are available today. These boxes let you stream from the internet to your television. ROKU and Amazon both offer popular boxes that don’t require monthly subscriptions. You can also find many of your favorite programs on the internet free. Take the time to explore these options. You can easily save $100 or more per month.ctv-2

Worth the Cost?

Internet providers are savvy and know that most consumers want the fastest service possible, so they set up various levels of service. However, they neglect to tell you that you are not guaranteed the speed they advertise and that the speed is usually only one way. You may not be able to download as fast as you think and some providers actually limit the speed at which they provide service to customers.

Check your internet bill. If you are paying for ‘ultra fast’ or ‘elite’ service, you can sometimes save money going back to a normal or minimum internet service and you probably won’t see that much difference. It’s hard to cut your internet bill out completely, particularly if you work from home or have school age children. Most of us use the web everyday from home at least several times. However, you can cut back on the costs of many cable, satellite and web services shopping for a new service or buying an antenna for local channels and ROKU or a similar service from the web.