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Does Your Net Worth Measure Up

Net worth is probably one the most important measures of wealth. It gives an accurate picture of where you stand after accounting for all assets and debt.  Additionally, it makes it easy to see if you are meeting your goals. Does your net worth measure up? Bottom Line Net worth is simply the difference between your […]

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Richest People in the World: 2018 Edition

You know, this could have been such a feel-good story. Money Examiners could have published an article about humanitarians, philanthropists, and do-gooders from all walks of life. We could have called them, “The Richest People in the World,” and say it is because money doesn’t matter when compared to peace, love, and understanding. But, no. […]

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Whither the Disappearing Middle Class?

From the time the United Staes was born the middle class guided the ship. The American economy needed the middle class’ creativity, employment dynamism, and upward mobility to succeed. Our middle class was the beating heart of America’s leadership around the world. Remember, it was our middle class pulling the country from a largely moribund, […]

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George Soros Could be Right about Overstock

Hedge fund legend George Soros is bargain hunting in Wall Street’s retail junk heap again. This time he is buying into (NASDAQ: OTSK), a discounter that functions as an online bargain basement. Soros and his Quantum Fund have sunk $100 million into Overstock because he thinks it can generate extra revenue by accepting Bitcoin […]

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10 Richest Women in the World

Even though there are more female billionaires than before in history, the richest women in the world still have a long way to go to catch up with men when it comes to wealth. Only 138 of the world’s 1,426 publicly recognized billionaires are women. Men outnumber women in the billionaire’s club because most of […]

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Cater to the Rich for Big Money

                If you want to make big money cater to the rich. The wealthiest 10% of American households take home more than half the country’s total income, according to the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality. Those who figure out how to cater to the rich for services […]

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