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Brand Loyalty Key to Business Dominance

To whom are you loyal? It is a fundamental question, having to do with what we value in life. Most of you will answer with the same words or phrases. “My spouse/kids/family/friends” will be the first that come to mind. Your employer will rank, even though the manager is choosing this Thursday to have a […]

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Tesla Doubters Eat Their Words

It isn’t every day that a company makes its doubters chew up and swallow their own words, and yet, that is what seems to be happening with Tesla. The charges leveled against the company and its enigmatic founder are proving inaccurate, at best, and far off base at worst. Let’s look at a few of […]

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Richest Celebrities in the World

The world’s richest 100 celebrities hauled in $6.3 billion over the past 12 months. That’s up 22% over the 2016 total. Eleven superstars cleared $100 million. Man! One hundred million dollars in a year and you’re not even guaranteed the Top Ten? What is the world coming to? Who are they, and how did they […]

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Ford is Struggling to Stay Alive as Stock Dips Below $10 a Share

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) is struggling to stay alive as its stock dips to below $10 a share, a six year low for the once leading U.S. automaker. A variety of reasons contribute to its failures, including the loss of four CEOs as the iconic automaker faces an uphill battle in the new economy. […]

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10 Richest People of All Time

Today, Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos holds the title for the richest man in the world. With a personal net worth of more than $150 billion, Bezos outshines his closest competitor by more than $50 billion. Although Bezos is undoubtedly the richest man alive, how would he stack up to the richest people of […]

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Economic Week That Is: May 28-June 1

Hello again, financial mavens. This is the highly anticipated, but so far never duplicated walk through the economic week that is. From now on this popular Money Examiners feature is going to run on Fridays so that you will have the weekend to ponder the meaning of it all. What have we found that will affect your […]

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Richest People in the World: 2018 Edition

You know, this could have been such a feel-good story. Money Examiners could have published an article about humanitarians, philanthropists, and do-gooders from all walks of life. We could have called them, “The Richest People in the World,” and say it is because money doesn’t matter when compared to peace, love, and understanding. But, no. […]

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