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10 Richest People of All Time

Today, Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos holds the title for the richest man in the world. With a personal net worth of more than $150 billion, Bezos outshines his closest competitor by more than $50 billion. Although Bezos is undoubtedly the richest man alive, how would he stack up to the richest people of […]

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Economic Week That Is: May 28-June 1

Hello again, financial mavens. This is the highly anticipated, but so far never duplicated walk through the economic week that is. From now on this popular Money Examiners feature is going to run on Fridays so that you will have the weekend to ponder the meaning of it all. What have we found that will affect your […]

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Richest People in the World: 2018 Edition

You know, this could have been such a feel-good story. Money Examiners could have published an article about humanitarians, philanthropists, and do-gooders from all walks of life. We could have called them, “The Richest People in the World,” and say it is because money doesn’t matter when compared to peace, love, and understanding. But, no. […]

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10 Steps to be a Millionaire

              There are 9.6 million millionaires in the U.S., according to consulting and research firm Spectrem Group. The number of millionaires may have increased in recent years even after the collapse of the nation’s economy, but most Americans aren’t part of the millionaire club. Perhaps it’s because of attitude […]

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Men’s Brands Market Power

Luxury brands are often targeted at women, but the power of marketing lends popular men’s brands a level of sophistication with male shoppers who chose loyalty to brands more than their female counterparts. The cost of products is often less important to men shopping for clothes and gifts than women. Men’s brands market power. Corporations […]

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Americans Carrying More Debt

              According to recent studies Americans are carrying more debt than ever before. MoneyExaminers went out into the fray to find out what is driving the change. We found that the answer is two-fold. For sure it’s the youngsters, right? Darn those kids. First they eat you out of […]

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