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Economic Week That Was: May 21-25

The run-up to a three-day bank Holiday is usually a slow time in the world of finance. Everyone has their eye on the clock, the calendar, and the price of gas and sunscreen. These, however, are not “usual” in the world of high and low finance. This Administration is unlike any we have seen, and […]

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Exclusive Poll: Workers Feel Secure about Jobs

A huge majority of workers feel good and secure with their jobs, according to a new poll just completed by Money The survey found that 75% of respondents feel secure about their working environment. The poll was completed just days after U.S. unemployment fell to 6.1%, another sign that workers feel good about their […]

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Exclusive Survey: Federal Minimum Wage Should be Increased

The federal minimum wage should be increased, according to a new poll conducted by Two out of three respondents to the survey (67%) said that the minimum wage, paid to most fast food workers and others working in low-skilled jobs should be increased. The survey results were released late Monday after the Seattle, Washington […]

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Exclusive Survey: Outlaw High Frequency Trading

A huge majority of respondents to a new exclusive Money Examiners survey want to outlaw High Frequency Trading (HFT) on Wall Street. High Frequency Trading has been blamed for billions of dollars in losses for small time stock investors, and was widely exposed in a report by CBS news magazine show 60 Minutes. Seventy-percent of […]

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Feds Action Won’t Hurt US Economy

Federal Reserve actions to artificially manipulate the U.S. economy pushing interest rates to record lows won’t hurt the economic future of the nation, according to a just released Money Examiners opinion poll. The survey, taken over a month long period online, found that 57% of respondents say they are not concerned about the economic future […]

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Majority Say They’ll Spend Less on Christmas

Perhaps fearing a weaker economic recovery and nervousness about the future, a slight majority surveyed say they will spend less on Christmas gifts this year than last. The exclusive Money Examiners poll found that 52% of those surveyed are planning on spending less. The online survey was gathered over a three week period leading up […]

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