Most Affordable Luxuries

al-1Living a life of luxury may be tough for the majority of the working class. But modern technology has made it easier to enjoy a lot of the same pleasures as the upper crust. In today’s world, even many of the working class can enjoy the most affordable luxuries.

Flying on commercial airliners may not be fun or luxurious, but it is fairly cheap. If you take advantage of websites like Kayak and Priceline it’s possible to book a flight between two large cities for under $100. If you’re willing to fly during the middle of the week, travelers can save even more.

If you have the time to shop around and travel during the off-season, finding a good deal on a hotel room at a four-star property is possible. Those willing to stay at lesser known hotels can book a room in midtown Manhattan for under $150. Deals on even the best known hotels, including the Waldorf Astoria are available on discount travel websites.

In some select locations Hertz rents dream cars like Porsche, BMW and Mercedes al-5for $150-$200 a weekend. Enterprise’s exotic car collection includes dream machines like the Aston Martin Vantage, the Dodge Viper, the Maserati GT Coupe and Bentleys in select cities. Regular customers  might be able to get a discount on a luxury car rental.

Whole Foods and other high-end grocery stores offer chef prepared meals at fairly low prices. The cost is slightly higher than fast food, but still cheaper than a comparable meal at a restaurant. Not only are some of these meals made from high quality ingredients, but many are also prepared by trained chefs.

Thanks to services like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu it’s never been a better time to take in unlimited amounts of television shows and movies. At $7.99 a month, Netflix subscribers get one of the most affordable luxuries at discounts available and stream as many movies and TV shows they want to see.

If having unlimited amounts of video isn’t wonderful enough, there’s high definition TV. According to Google Shop, you can now buy a 32-inch LED Samsung Smart TV for just $259.99 and a 40-inch Sony KDL 40R450A for just $450. There’s even a 60-inch Samsung plasma screen with full HD TV for just $849.99.

Gourmet food can be purchased at a discount. Trader Joe’s, which is opening locations all over the country sells thousands of exotic and imported foods at fantastic prices. al-3Favorites include 16 ounces of








brie cheese for just $6.99, 16 ounces of Turkish apricots for $2.99 and Italian truffle cheese for just $11.99 a pound.

A good bottle of wine can be considered one of the affordable luxuries when purchased at a discount. If you watch the sales and shop the bargain bins at many large liquor stores, you can still pick up a good bottle of imported wine in the four to five dollar range. Trader Joe’s sells its popular high-quality Grand Reserve wines for as low as $12.99 a bottle.

Good beer is now so cheap that many liquor stores use it as a loss leader. It isn’t uncommon to find micro-brews and high quality imported brands on sale for $5.99-$7.99 a six-pack, which is about the same price as Budweiser. Even the everyday price for some top of the line beers like Heineken is one of the affordable luxuries when you’re on a limited budget.

Twenty years ago, the richest person in the world could not have purchased a wireless device that was a combination computer, television, camera and telephone. According to Google Shop, you can buy such a device for $169.99. With the tablet you can watch all the streaming video you want, read almost every book ever published, surf the web or play video games as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

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