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Money Saving Short-Cuts

Holiday Shopping on a Fixed Budget

As the holidays approach, consumers are increasingly taking advantage of layaway plans and other perks offered by retailers. But a large number are dreading the holidays because of financial constraints. It’s more difficult for them to maintain their own lifestyles, let alone shop for the holidays. But there is hope for those who are holiday […]

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Buying a Car You Can Afford

Buying a car is a stressful proposition. Even with today’s purchasing tools, the actual trip to the dealership is a stress level equal to getting a root canal delivered by your ex-wife. Part of it is the nature of the dealership. Their job is to separate you from most of your money. Imagine walking around […]

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5 Financial Steps Before Starting a Family

Having a child is exciting. It’s also a life changing event. There is so much to do, and that’s only in the room where the baby will sleep! Before you fill that room with enormous soft letter blocks, consider some other decisions that will have long-lasting ramifications. Some of them are as long-lasting as the […]

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Big Differences Between Banks and Credit Unions in New Economy

It is a question we will all face at one time or another in the new economy. Maybe we moved, maybe we grew disenchanted with our financial institution, or maybe our account was defrauded three times in a month. Whatever the case, we need to choose a new place to park our money. Do we […]

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What to Buy And Avoid Buying in September

Between last minute back to school and pre-need shopping for autumn holidays, September is the third biggest spending month of the year. Money Examiners is covering what to buy and avoid buying in September. Buy Previous-Generation iPhones: Apple offers up their best discounts this month. The tech giant announces the new iPhone and then plays […]

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Relationships Work with a Spender and Saver

In most relationships one partner is the spender and the other is the saver. Can these types of relationships last and be filled with love and not stress? Do the people in these relationships really compliment one another? The answer is yes, relationships work with a spender and saver for the most part and both […]

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Emergency Money Fund to the Rescue

In case you didn’t know, an emergency money fund is essentially a separate bank account or savings account that you put money into in case there is ever a larger unexpected expense. Ideally it is for a true emergency such as: • Big home appliance replacement • Unforeseen unemployment • A visit to the emergency […]

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