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Millionaire Matchmaking Booms Online

mw-3There’s an old school of thought that a person is always looking for one of three things: love, a place to live or a job. Millionaires are usually content with their work and home, but being lucky in love is not always as easy. Sometimes it’s even harder for millionaires.

Unique dating websites overtly appeal to women looking for rich bachelors. Millionaire matchmaking is booming online. Profiles of wealthy men typically outnumber profiles of wealthy women on these sites. Similarly, a recent survey reported by TYT Network, reported 79.6% of millionaire men do not look for millionaire women.

However, 84.4% of millionaire women only want to date millionaires. These women are also more likely to ask their partner to sign a prenuptial agreement. The study also found that financially independent men simply enjoy having a partner they can take care of.

Dating sites for the wealthy typically promise high-profile members like celebrities and professional athletes at cheaper rates than traditional matchmaking companies. Most of the millionaire dating sites charge around $15 a month, while offline matchmaking agencies are known to charge their wealthy clients hundreds or even thousands more.

The following are some of the top rated dating sites promising verified millionaires in addition to romance.

Voted #1 by Forbes magazine of all the millionaire dating sites, their success is proven by more than 1 million users logging on every day. To prove their net worth, members send everything from photo IDs to tax returns and W2 forms for verification. Charlie Sheen was once a member of this site.

This free site promises members will meet rich singles in their area.  All profiles must be complete and have at least one uploaded photo within the first 24 hours or the profile becomes inactive. This site has been featured in the New York Times, 20/20 and CNN for its unique celebrity members and thousands of successful matches. No word, however, on how many marriages have come from the service.


Similar to the others, this millionaire matchmaking site requires a complete profile and picture.  Members anser a series of questions that reveal personality, social activities, habits and attitudes that are compatible with other members. This information seeking process has proven successful with over 250,000 singles. It was reported that several members of the Boston Celtics professional basketball team created profiles on this site.

With half a million members, women outnumber men on this site 8-to-1. The site caters to a very unique group of people, who are searching for their sugar daddy to pay the bills and take care of them, priding itself on being the place where beauty meets the wealthy. Millionaire members on this site are typically older, affluent gentlemen, the real deal for a sugar daddy.

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