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Men’s Brands Market Power

mb-00Luxury brands are often targeted at women, but the power of marketing lends popular men’s brands a level of sophistication with male shoppers who chose loyalty to brands more than their female counterparts. The cost of products is often less important to men shopping for clothes and gifts than women. Men’s brands market power.

Corporations spend billions of dollars on marketing campaigns to gain purchasers, and seek  loyalty to keep customers coming back to buy more. Branding products and businesses is a major industry that some of the best and brightest marketing pros live for on their road to riches. Only the most popular men’s brands market power to separate ordinary from excellence.


Cognac is one of the most highly regarded liquors on the market. Rappers pay homage to the brand in song and their advertisements are memorable. Hennessy claims the loyalty of men to their cognac is unequaled.  With prices ranging from $40 to $1,000 for their Paradis Rare bottle, it’s no wonder the company has an aggressive marketing program for its finest liquor to make it the favorite of every man.

Paul Smith mb-1

The UK brand started in 1970 out of a little shop in Nottingham, London. From there Paul Smith grew into a worldwide brand with 14 different collections, including Paul Smith Jeans, Paul Smith Black and Paul Smith Shoes. Female  accessories also include home products. This brand has grown to not only focus attention on fashion collaborations, but also music. Talking Heads, David Bowie, The Music Exchange, and Children in Need Rocks are just a few of the collaborations that have helped this international brand gain a strong male following.

Tag Heuer

Men’s watches may be the equivalent to shoes for women. Despite the mb-3development of the Smartphone and its time-keeping mechanism, Tag Heuer has wealthy men’s wrists covered. Founded by Edouard Heuer in 1860, Heuer expanded from a tiny Swiss workshop into a world renowned watch brand. Endorsements by the likes of actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Tiger Woods and Steve McQueen have men vying to wear the same style as their celebrity idol.


Much like TAG Heuer this brand is renowned for its quality and long standing. Founded by 24-year-old Hans Wilsdorf in 1905, Rolex was the first wrist watch made and is not only coveted for its quality but for its luxurious designs. Endorsed by golfing great mb-4Tiger Woods and Roger Federer, Rolex watches have the eyes of sports fans and men alike.

Ralph Lauren

Men are not known for their love of shopping, but they do love a good brand when they see one. Ralph Lauren has allowed men to be comfortable yet classy in their “Polo” shirts and buy them at a reasonable price. Founded 40 years ago, Ralph Lauren has become known worldwide for luxury, perhaps the most power that any brand can behold.

If you’re unsure of what to get the man in your life for an upcoming occasion, browse this list and you’ll be sure to get them something he’ll love for a lifetime.