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Gifts to Buy For Yourself With That Year-End Bonus

“You” and “Your” in the same headline. Tut, tut, I must be mad. No, not today and not even. Requests are coming. There will be solicitations for donations to the company Christmas party, wish lists from the kids, STRONG hints from your spouse, mailbox fillers guilting you up, and the ubiquitous bell-ringer outside the supermarket. […]

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Major Challenges Face Female Entrepreneurs

While it’s true that more women than ever are starting a business, the challenges women face remain daunting. Money Examiners talked to three female business owners to find out about the unique hurdles faced by females who want to open their own shop. We discovered eye-opening facts, and we knew we had to share them […]

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electric car

Tesla Doubters Eat Their Words

It isn’t every day that a company makes its doubters chew up and swallow their own words, and yet, that is what seems to be happening with Tesla. The charges leveled against the company and its enigmatic founder are proving inaccurate, at best, and far off base at worst. Let’s look at a few of […]

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Lottery Winners Checklist of Essentials

Boy, that was a close one. You almost stopped at that South Carolina convenience store (isn’t it always a convenience store?) and purchased the $1,537,000,000,000 winning lottery ticket. Imagine the chaos in your life if that had happened before you read Money Examiners’ checklist of essentials. The mind boggles. Well, we aren’t about to let […]

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Favorite Cars for Young Executives

“Image is everything.” Tennis superstar Andre Agassi first told us that in 1989 when he was repping Canon cameras. Since then, we have evolved, albeit not completely. Image isn’t everything, but neither is it nothing. In the new economy young executives know they must be excellent at what they do, as well as give off […]

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China Carmakers Plan to Dominate U.S. Auto Industry

In Amsterdam last spring car enthusiasts walked into a warehouse. They sipped rhubarb cocktails. The snacks and libations were provided by Lynk & Co., which hosted the party to show off their new SUV hybrid. We’ll get to the car’s name in a minute, but this was really more than the rollout of a new […]

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Richest Celebrities in the World

The world’s richest 100 celebrities hauled in $6.3 billion over the past 12 months. That’s up 22% over the 2016 total. Eleven superstars cleared $100 million. Man! One hundred million dollars in a year and you’re not even guaranteed the Top Ten? What is the world coming to? Who are they, and how did they […]

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