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President Trump and Saudi Arabia at Odds over Oil

American motorists love to hit the road. They vaguely take note of gasoline price ups and downs but drive on regardless. Many drivers, though, have noticed that the price swings have been more up than down recently. President Trump and Saudi Arabia are at odds over oil, triggering the sharp increase in gasoline prices. President […]

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China Carmakers Plan to Dominate U.S. Auto Industry

In Amsterdam last spring car enthusiasts walked into a warehouse. They sipped rhubarb cocktails. The snacks and libations were provided by Lynk & Co., which hosted the party to show off their new SUV hybrid. We’ll get to the car’s name in a minute, but this was really more than the rollout of a new […]

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Looming Revolution in Cryptocurrency

Anyone remotely familiar with cryptocurrency is well aware that this particular marketplace has become notorious for its unprecedented and unpredictable volatility. Although cryptocurrency was originally intended as a decentralized form of payment, the staggering fluctuations in market price for major players such as Bitcoin has led many vendors to avoid integrating this payment method into […]

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Trump and Economic Recession

U.S. Businesses Strike Back on Tariffs

Following months pursuing a war against President Donald Trump’s trade war tariffs that have risen far beyond what commercial groups once thought, more than 85 U.S. commerce groups launched an alliance on Wednesday to take it on publicly. The start of Americans for Free Trade comes as Trump progressively warms to employing tariffs. He has […]

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2.5 Million U.S. Jobs at Risk in Trump’s Tariff War

President Trump has long been opposed to the way trading takes place with foreign countries such as South Korea and China. During his first year in the White House, however, Trump put off the threats to erect new barriers. But, all has changed with the announcement of tariffs that have been put into play to […]

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Harley Davidson Leaving US Rocks Nation

Harley Davidson quintessentially says “The United States of America.” After all, Harley riders regularly emblazon the red, white, and blue on gas tanks, fenders and the leathers they wear. That’s why what we are hearing seems like such a surprise. In news headlines, Harley Davidson announced its intention to transfer some of its key motorcycle […]

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Star Wars Franchise Takes Hit with Low ‘Solo’ Box Office

Beginning with the original in 1974, “Star Wars” has been a money-belching cash register for George Lucas and Disney. The plot and overall theme captivate fans of the genre. The meager box office performance by “Solo: A Star Wars Story” introduced a new theme. This movie is poised to be the first Star Wars film […]

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