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Insurance Ramifications for Empty Nesters

This is a day full of mixed emotions in the hearts of Baby Boomers who are parents. The Mayflower moving van is pulling away from the curb, with your children’s possessions locked inside. We have both looked forward to now and dreaded it. But we need to keep it in perspective. We succeeded! We raised […]

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Lifestyles Trigger Higher Insurance

Lifestyle, employment and sexual preference are just a few of the personal issues insurance companies examine that impact how much consumers pay for car insurance, homeowners and even life insurance. Lifestyles can trigger higher insurance rates and have a much larger effect on insurance than many consumers realize, sometimes causing policy costs to as much […]

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Pet Insurance Maye be Worth Consideration

Pet insurance is similar to health insurance in terms of stipulations that affect coverage. Pet insurance generally does not cover pre-existing conditions, and there are deductibles and co-pays that have to come out of the pet owner’s pocket. In many cases pet insurance is worth its price. But in plenty of others it may not […]

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Saving Money on Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance may be the trickiest insurance coverage of all, especially when it comes to getting a claim covered in case of an emergency like a fire or other catastrophe. How much is just right and what does it cover?  Your friends at Money Examiners have the answers you need to get you saving money on […]

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