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Excessive Charges to Stop Paying










Consumers are fed-up with excessive service charges for everything from baggage charges on airlines to excess fees doctors sometimes charge for cancelling an appointment on short notice.  Nobody likes unexpected charges in these challenging economic times. However, many fees can be avoided with a little time and effort.

Some of the most common are the easiest to avoid and can make all the difference when it comes to your bank account at the end of every month.

Overdraft fees – A negative bank account balance is never a good sign. When you withdraw more money than you have in your account, the bank will quickly charge an additional fee, many of which often start at $25 an overdraft. Keeping a close tally on your checking account balance online is an easy way to keep up with things on transactions so you don’t get nailed for the fees.

Broken appointment fees- A missed doctor’s appointment can cost time and money. You don’t only have to reschedule your visit but pay for the appointment that you missed. Since a physician, dentist, or psychologist counts on you to arrive during your time slot, he or she is going to get paid whether or not you show up. In order to avoid broken appointment fees, keep a calendar so you don’t forget any scheduled visits.

If you must cancel an appointment, be sure to do so as early as possible because most professional offices have a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Money transfer fees – Moving money from one account to another often costs money. It’s advisable to compare prices for services like









PayPal, Western Union and even your own bank before wiring money abroad or sending it to a different account. Also, if you use ATMs from your personal bank to withdraw money, you can avoid withdrawal fees from other banks. Charges to transfer money can be expensive and only covered in the fine print of documents at many banks and other financial institutions.

Airline Bag Charges-  High bag fees charged by airlines may be making the challenged airline industry profitable, but many consumers are unhappy about the excessive service charges. Most airlines charge from $25 to $50 a bag, but travelers can avoid the bag charges flying on SouthWest Airlines or another carrier that doesn’t charge the fees. Reading the fine print before finalizing airline reservations regarding baggage fees can be crucial, especially considering the fees are charged by some airlines in both directions.

Credit card charges- Buying lots of merchandise or services on credit cards without regularly bringing your balance to zero can really add up. Outstanding balances are frequently hit with an interest charges that can be up to 24% APR. Paying off credit card debt as much as possible to avoid the excessive service charges is advisable.