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Best Cities to Find a Job

nh-2As the employment situation slowly improves, there are bright spots of job growth scattered around the U.S. The best cities to find a job have strong demand for workers, a lower job seeker to job ratio and slightly higher average salaries than most other cities.

The top 10 cities all have unemployment rates at or below the national average. They range from the busy high-tech center of Silicon Valley in California to smaller cities in Iowa, Wyoming and Oklahoma, according to which compiled the list.

Manchester, New Hampshire leads the best cities to find a job, with San Jose, California taking the second position. All the cities on the list have a lower than average cost of living except San Jose, which has one of the most expensive housing markets in the nation. With good schools and a large mix of cultural and outdoor activities San Jose is considered to be one of the most livable cities in California.

Laredo, Texas places third on the list, with a large demand for medical workers. Texas’ population is one of the fastest growing in the country, with an economy that has been hurt less by the financial crisis than many other areas of the U.S. Cheyenne, Wyoming and Fort Wayne, Indiana placed fourth and fifth respectively.

Des Moines is currently ranked #1 on Forbes list of Best Places for Business and Careers. Excellent schools, good healthcare and easy access to public transportation all contribute to good job growth and livability.

Best 10 Cities to Find a Job in 2014
 Rank        City
   1.       Manchester, New Hampshire
   2.       San Jose, California
   3.       Laredo, Texas
   4.       Cheyenne, Wyoming
   5.       Fort Wayne, Indiana
   6.       Des Moines, Iowa
   7.       Lima, Ohio
   8.       Cedar Rapids, Iowa
   9.       Lawton, Oklahoma
  10.       Kokomo, Indiana


If you live in an area with a tough job market and are open to relocating, you might improve your prospects by searching for a job in one of these cities. Keep in mind that finding a job in a distant city carries a special set of challenges.

There are factors that the best cities to find a job have in common. A leading driver of job growth in each of these cities is employment in the healthcare and medical sector. Downtown KokomoOther leading job creation industries are transportation and logistics, which is driving job growth in nine of the ten top cities. Sales and sales management, travel, hospitality and restaurant and information technology are the other high job producing industries.

In spite of the sharply defined trend in industries that are generating job growth, the specific jobs in demand varies widely by city. Job openings range from truck drivers to registered nurses to financial advisors. Overall, the greatest numbers of job openings are in healthcare.