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Asking for Deals to Save on Vacations

Family TravelMost of us know the basics about budget travel. Check discount sites, find your favorite hotels and airline carriers on social media sites to be notified of special savings and leverage frequent flier opportunities. But most travelers miss savings not asking for deals to save on vacations.

Savvy travelers ask questions to save on vacations or business trips. Here are a few questions to ask to make sure you save on your next family vacation.

  • Is an upgrade available?

Get into the habit of asking every time you check in for a flight or at a hotel if an upgrade is currently available. If first class isn’t sold out and is not already full due to automatic upgrades, the airline may offer you a seat change at a dramatically lower price just to fill the seat. The same applies to hotels! When checking into a hotel, be sure to mention if you are there to celebrate something special or are traveling with kids. And don’t forget to ask for free parking, waived fees, Wi-Fi or breakfast for the family to be included.

  • Are local deals available?

Once you have booked your trip, search local venues for special discounts and deals. Museums, spas and even restaurants may offer deals for travelers, like discounts on admissions or services. Sign up on their websites in advance and follow them on social media sites to be notified of offers as they become available. Also, contact the concierge at your destination hotel to determine if they have access to deals not offered to the general public.

  • Is there a tourism card available?

When traveling to popular international destinations, such as London or Paris be sure to consider a tourism card. These passes may include admission to popular tourist destinations, free public transportation or the ability to jumpbv-3 the lines at popular hot-spots.

  • Has the room price dropped?

In many cases, the price of your room will decrease between the time you book and the time you check-in. It pays to check in regularly to see if the price for your flight or room has declined, which just might be a way to save on vacations.  If so, don’t be shy about asking if the airline or hotel can match the price. If not, you may be able to book your vacation at the new rate thus cancelling your original purchase.

Simply asking the right questions may result in a free or reduced price airline upgrade, room upgrade, discounts for popular local attractions or reduced booking rates. Don’t be afraid to ask the right questions to save on vacations. The result could be hundreds of dollars in savings and plenty of self-satisfaction.