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Apps That Can Make You Super Rich

Applications, known henceforth as “apps” because we’re as cool as the other kids, have been around since cell phones first went smart. Most of them are designed to waste time (think Angry Birds) or tell you mundane things (the high tomorrow will be 67, and an Ethiopian prince sent you an email.) Phone apps are to today, what YouTube was when it first began. Namely, harmless byproducts of another mundane day.

Money Examiners says it shouldn’t be that way. A waste of time is a waste of money unless my Grandma Stella had it wrong, and she didn’t! So, we found some apps that can be used to make money for you. No, that’s too humble. Use these apps correctly. Get rich! It really can be that simple.

1. Stash Investments

Stash is great money management in the palm of your hand. Hooked to the account of your choice, it lets you schedule automatic transfers for whatever you want. Are you saving for a vacation? Is retirement on your radar? Would you like to dip a toe into investments? Stash can get you on the road to your goals. They provide easy to use tools, and resources that will make you a savvy user. Best of all, you can start with a few bucks and invest like Warren Buffet. No, really. Following Warren Buffet at Berkshire Hathaway is one of the investment options.

2. Mint

Job One to getting rich is to pay down debt and settle on a budget for expenses. Mint can get your house in order, by showing you where it went out of order. Long gone are the days of spreadsheets and worn-down pencils. Mint can keep track of your transactions and email you when you exceed the budget you set for an unlimited number of expenses. “What? Five hundred dollars for the family’s cell service?” Yeah, about that. It is time for a family meeting.

3. Robinhood

Much like Stash, Robinhood is investing done painlessly. The app teaches you Finance 101 as each investment is made. Then, it helps you build a portfolio to your liking. Better yet, Robinhood is free and bank-level encrypted.

4. EveryDollar

Dave Ramsey developed EveryDollar to create a spending platform that guides every dollar you make. The steps Ramsey recommends will get you out of debt and on the way to financial comfort.

4. Riskalyze

Riskalyze gets to know you and your risk tolerance. The idea behind this app is to let you know if you are in an investment strategy that makes you comfortable. If you aren’t, you won’t stick with it until the benefits come home. Psychologists say people who understand their personality type are more successful than most. This app is a financial therapist.

5. A Live Advisor Tool

There are many options, and choosing phone app tech to improve a person’s financial management can be tricky for some. A live advisor may give you the best plan through the creation of a blended approach. A little bit of tech and a little bit of brick and mortar advice may be the best answer for you. Start with your own bank’s mobile app.

Those are our best bets for applications that will make you a bundle. You’re on your way!